— 关于同欣 —

                                                        1999                 Tongxin, founded in 1993, Completed the primitive accumulation of capital as an

                                                                                  newly-established firm.

                                                                                  Tongxin promote it’s business nationwide successfully with it’s main products:colorful elastic safety mat.

                                                        1999-2000      Tongxin developed complementary products to meet market demand, including

                                                                                  colorful elastic safety mat, amusement facilities for children, sports equipment

                                                                                  for schools, outdoor fitness equipments, polyurethane sports surfaces.

                                                        2001-2004      Tongxin built an effective diversified management

                                                                                  At the first stage, Tongxin start with flooring series including colorful elastic safety

                                                                                  mat, polyurethane sports surfaces, synthetic grass, prefabricated rubber sports


                                                                                  At the second stage, Entertainment facilities series including amusement facilities

                                                                                  for children, sports equipment for schools, outdoor fitness equipment, man-made

                                                                                  climbing wall, artificial green wood.

                                                         2004               Tongxin tried to step into internet by investing 13,300,000 to purchase 61% stock

                                                                                  of Network science and technology co., Ltd.

                                                         2009-2012     Tongxin adjust and set its business of strategy to focus on those products on

                                                                                  athletic sport surfaces especially on prefabricated rubber sports surfaces and

                                                                                  polyurethane running track materials.

                                                          2013-2016     Tongxin took the advantage of R&D, improving customer service system,

                                                                                   and built its own brand and platform in the field of prefabricated rubber sports

                                                                                   surfaces and polyurethane track surfaces.