— 关于同欣 —

     In 1993, Tongxin was founded and started its business nationwide with its main product, colorful elastic safety mat. 

    From 1999-2000, Tongxin developed complementary products including amusement facilities for children, sports equipment for schools, outdoor fitness equipment, and polyurethane sports surfaces to meet market demand. 

    In 2001-2004, Tongxin built an effective diversified management, expanding its flooring and entertainment facilities series. 

    In 2004, Tongxin invested in Network Science and Technology Co., Ltd. to step into the internet industry. 

    From 2009-2012, Tongxin focused on athletic sport surfaces, specifically prefabricated rubber sports surfaces and polyurethane running track materials. 

    From 2013-2016, Tongxin improved its customer service system, built its own brand and platform, and took advantage of R&D in the field of prefabricated rubber sports surfaces and polyurethane track surfaces.