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     Tongxin's core competitiveness lies in development and innovation. With a focus on optimization and improvement, Tongxin has developed high-quality prefabricated athletic track surfaces that have gained worldwide recognition for their longevity and physical performance. By considering the needs of athletes and adjusting their formulas accordingly, Tongxin has created track surfaces with the perfect balance of hardness and protection.


    Tongxin is committed to promoting health and protecting the environment through all aspects of its operations. From controlling raw materials and conducting research and development to installation and customer service, this spirit of human concern is reflected in every aspect of the company. Tongxin is dedicated to providing eco-friendly products that support the National Fitness Program and encourage a healthy lifestyle. With this spirit of dedication, Tongxin strives to offer not just products and projects, but also a deep love for health and the environment.


    The road to green and environment protection for 20 years:

    • 1995: Developed and promoted environmentally-friendly safety mats
    • 1998: Adopted international standards and became the first to use a more secure MDI system
    • 2000: Developed a more environmentally friendly prefabricated sports surface system
    • 2003: Launched a completely mature environmentally friendly prefabricated rubber athletics track
    • 2010: Started to develop environmentally-friendly prefabricated rubber court products
    • 2011: Introduced the concept of "ecological footprint" to the industry, leading to greater attention to environmental protection. Tongxin launched its completely environmentally-friendly prefabricated rubber court to the market
    • 2012: Further promoted the concept of environmental protection and delivered lectures on "ecological footprint" and "the sustainable development of sports surfaces" at the annual meeting of ISSS
    • 2013: Improved the green formula for the glue
    • 2014: Standardized every process of production and installation, ensuring zero health risk in Tongxin's fields
    • 2015: Provided theoretical support and experimental data to help the government establish more stringent standards for the construction of sports venues. Called on the industry to enhance environmental awareness to ensure products are environmentally friendly and non-toxic.