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    Tongxin has been committed to researching and developing high-quality prefabricated rubber running tracks since 2001. We continuously improve our production formula to provide optimal products that offer high performance and a comfortable experience for athletes during competition and training.

                                                                  R&D Technical Team

    Tongxin's R&D technical team has been strengthened by the addition of Dr. Chen Chen as CTO in 2008, making the team the core of Tongxin's competitiveness in development and technical support.

                                                                  Team core members:

                                                                                               Chenmin Cai : Chemical Professor, Zhejiang University.

       Chen Chen: PhD, Material Chemistry, Binghamton University (NY)

    Since 2008, Tongxin has established an international standard testing lab equipped with advanced equipment from Switzerland to conduct shock absorption, deformation, QUV aging, tensile strength, abrasion resistance, friction, rebound, high temperature, and temperature tests. With a team of skilled professionals, Tongxin is the only company that provides products in compliance with national and international standards, including IAAF and DIN. The company has also established a closed-loop system of prompt feedback from contractors, end-users, and jobsite installers to the R&D department and factory to ensure timely improvements in production techniques and the highest quality products.