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    Awesome track and field competitions today, and Tongxin precast runway is environmentally friendly.

    Number of views:2476 Date:2022-03-25

       In the track and field competition of the first National Youth Games, guns will be fired at the Fuzhou Strait Olympic Sports Center Stadium today, with 51 teams and 898 athletes including Hong Kong and Macao delegations competing for 44 gold medals.

        According to the standards of international single events, the track and field of the Olympic Sports Center in Taiwan Strait is constructed by adopting the protrack prefabricated rubber track produced and installed by Guangzhou tongxinkang sports equipment Co., Ltd. Tongxin protrack prefabricated rubber runway not only uses natural non-toxic raw materials to ensure complete health and environmental protection, but also is a world-class professional competitive runway, which has been used in world-class and national level competitions for many times.

       The track of the Straits Olympic Games has passed the test of the preliminary track and field competition of the National Youth Games and the National Youth Track and field championship. It has passed the class I site acceptance of the China Track and field association and the class I site certification of the IAAF. It is a professional track comparable to the bird's nest and able to undertake international track and field events.

    Guangzhou Tongxin wishes the national track and field athletes a great success in the competition!

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