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    The 69th anniversary of Zunyi Medical College

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    Zunyi Medical College is located in Zunyi, a famous historical and cultural city. Founded in 1947, it is the first undergraduate medical college founded by the Communist Party of China. It used to be named Dalian Medical College, Guandong Medical College, Dalian University Medical College, etc. In 1969, it was renamed Zunyi Medical College in order to support the construction of "three lines". After 69 years of construction and development, the university has become a provincial key construction university with medicine as the main part, culture and science as the infiltrating multi-disciplinary, multi-level, distinctive school running characteristics and strong school running strength. It is an excellent university for undergraduate teaching evaluation of the Ministry of education, and one of the first Pilot Universities of the national excellent doctor education and training program.

    Xinpu campus of Zunyi Medical CollegeIn order to prepare for the 69th anniversary of the school track and field games, it is planned to replace the old plastic track. So we found Tongxin in Guangzhou to renovate the runway for its Xinpu campus, communicated well with Zunyi Medical College, and decided to use the prefabricated rubber runway series Tangdao as the main material of the runway, to build a standard track and field field of 400 meters and eight people. The prefabricated rubber runway series Tangdao has the best tensile strength and elongation at break, outstanding performance in nail resistance and wear resistance, and excellent resilience, which provides special support for the breakthrough of competition results of teachers and students of Zunyi Medical College.


    On the morning of October 28, 2016, the 69th anniversary track and field games of Zunyi Medical College was ceremoniously opened at No.2 stadium of Xinpu campus. The games lasted three days, with 18 major events, 1327 students and 570 teachers. The competition is fierce, brilliant and gratifying, which fully reflects the level of sports competition of Zunyi Medical College, and shows the spirit of unity, tenacity, optimism and enterprising of teachers and students of Zunyi Medical College.


    With the majestic March of athletes, the national flag team, the colored flag team and the representative teams of various departments and departments entered the stadium with vigorous steps. After the solemn ceremony of raising the national flag, Tian Zongyuan, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the University, delivered an opening speech. The referee and the athlete's representative took the oath on stage respectively, and then the opening ceremony performance started.


    Nearly a thousand college students presented a vigorous radio gymnastics performance for the opening ceremony. The medical students dressed in different colors are spirited, passionate, and with the sonorous rhythm, following the neat steps and stretching the vigorous posture, showing the sports style of our college students on the green field.


    The wonderful performance of the dragon dance team brought the whole opening ceremony to a climax. The two dragons sometimes jump with their heads held high, sometimes turn and turn, or move or stay, changing their posture. The exultant and enthusiastic performance perfectly demonstrated the spirit of "Chinese dragon", brought a visual feast of traditional culture for teachers and students, and won the warm applause of the school leaders and the audience.


    At the end of the opening ceremony, the 69th anniversary track and field games of our school officially began, and athletes will have a three-day sports event.


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